5 Panel Apron – “Green”

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These hand made, fully lined aprons are designed to be flattering as well as functional.

Measurements: (approx)
Front chest (across) = 26cm
Total length = 62.5cm
Total width at bottom hem = 97cm

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Whether you use the apron for cooking, craft, housework, gardening or whatever – you may never want to take it off!

Featuring alternating patterned and plain panels, which are shaped to flare out at the hip and allow plenty of room for an ample bust, to give a sexy, sassy and very practical apron!

Made from 100% cotton, and is fully lined (plain on the back) to give no ugly seams! You could even wear it reversed if you wanted to.

(This apron took around 3 hours to sew – They truly are a labour of love!)

Other Measurements: (approx)
Waist tie length (each)= 72cm
Width at where waist ties attach = 36cm
Length from top of front to level of waist ties = 24cm