25cm Pocket Pad


Waterproofed Pocket Pad.  An adjustable and fast drying alternative pad style. Comes with 2 bamboo inserts.

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Size: “Neophyte” (Approx 25cm Long, 11.5cm ends, 8cm Crotch)
Top (Skin Side) = Organic Cotton Jersey
Absorbent layer:  1 layer flannelette
Inserts = 2 x bamboo fleece trifold
Waterproofing: PUL
Backing:  print cotton

Pocket pads are a pad that has an empty pad shaped case into which you place the absorbent insert.  The insert is a “trifold” (folds into 3rds) for fast drying.  This pocket pad comes with 2 inserts.  Use the pocket pad without inserts as a light/liner pad, use with 1 insert for regular flow or 2 inserts together for a heavy flow.

~ You will receive one pad with 2 inserts ~
~ Print placement may be slightly different than shown ~