Belted Pads

obsidianstarbeltedpads_piratefrontWhile advances in padmaking and underwear construction means that most people wear fitted underpants that pads can wrap around – not everyone wears underpants that can work with cloth pads. Some people wear things like “bloomers” or  boxer short styles of underwear, which are either too loose fitting to hold a pad firmly in place or have a crotch section too wide to snap a pad around.

For some, they like the extra security of a pad that is held against the body more firmly than you might get from regular underpants and pads. For whatever reason, there are still a few people who do prefer belted pads!

A belted pad consists of some type of “belt” part that goes around the waist or hips, which holds up the pad or pad holder. Then there is the pad section that goes up between the legs – attaching at the back and front to the belt.

obsidianstarbeltedpads_baseinsertBelted pads are basically like any normal pad, but they are longer so that they can span the distance from the front of the belt to the back, and are wingless as they attach to the belt rather than to underwear.  You can wear the belt on your waist or hips – wherever is most comfortable for you.

Obsidian Star Belted pads come in 3 varieties.

obstarbelted_casingThe “casing” or “Flat end” version – has a flat top that is folded over and either sewn down or snapped, creating a casing to thread your belt through. The sewn version requires you to remove the belt when you change pads, and thread the belt through the new pad. The snapped version allows pads to be removed while the belt is on.


The “snap” version (shown to the right) has a narrower pointy end that folds over the belt with a snap. This version is designed to allow you to change pads while the belt is still on and to provide a slimmer and hopefully less obvious pad.  However, if you intend to wear the belt on your hips, rather than your waist, this shape pad may not have enough coverage at the front for you, especially if you bleed to the front.


obsidianstarbeltednewThe “Adjustable” design is available as a base & Insert style only, and has the pad attached to the belt via an extendable holder.  This allows the pad to be attached to the holder and the overall length of the pad can be adjusted as needed by lengthening the arms on the holder.  This style is designed to be worn on the waist, as there would not be enough coverage of the pad if wearing it lower.


Belted pads are made to order, with a limited range of fabric print options.  If you would like a belted pad, please email me for details.  You can select an AIO pad style or a base& insert design and there are several lengths to choose from.


Belted Pad lengths:

Size 1 Snap – 46cm long, 10.5cm front, 8cm wide crotch, 11.5cm back
Size 1 Snap (wide) – 46cm long, 10.5cm front, 7.5cm wide crotch, 14.5cm back
Size 2 Snap – 55cm long, 11cm front, 8cm crotch, 13.5cm back
Size 3 Snap – 70cm long, 11.5cm front, 8cm crotch, 14.5cm back

Size 1 Casing – 48cm long, 10cm front, 8cm crotch, 12.5cm back
Size 1 Casing (wide) – 48cm long, 10cm front, 8cm crotch, 16cm back
Size 2 Casing – 57cm long, 11cm front, 8.5cm crotch, 13.5cm back
Size 3 Casing – 70cm long, 12cm front, 8cm crotch, 14.5cm back