Face Masks

Reusable cloth face masks.
3 layer with adjustable drawstring – no pressure behind the ears and easy to use!

I didn’t want to be another business profiting off selling face masks, but I had a lot of people asking me to make them, so I am trying to offer them as cheap as possible to get them to people who need them.

There are 2 kinds – a cheap basic (non-norewire) version from plainer fabrics, or a version with nose wire and nicer fabric that costs more. I will try to keep some in stock, but I also offer to make to order if you’d like to choose a print.

Disclaimer – I cannot guarantee fit nor effectiveness.  These masks will not protect you against covid-19, nor will they protect others from catching it from you.  You must still practice social distancing, wash your hands and stay home where possible!

If you can make your own mask (or have someone make it for you) I also have my pattern available for free!
Free face mask pattern

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