Welcome to my new store!

It’s been a busy busy couple of months!

I’m not sure if you know, but I also created/run www.clothpadshop.com as well, and I was using the same hosting/cart software for both that store and my own site.  We’d been having some issues with our host there (things like our payment system wasn’t working – for months – and he wasn’t working very quickly to get it fixed, things were mysteriously overselling and so on).  So we made the decision to move to a new host.  The problem was finding a new system that allowed for the “multi-vendor” situation we have over at CPS.  So that required a lot of searching and testing.  I finally found a system that would do what we needed, and then started the process of creating the new CPS site and my new site, then transferring everything over.  Which took a while 🙂

But, it is all done now, I’ve had a chance to make a few new pads to celebrate the Grand reopenings of both sites, and hopefully you’ll like the new site layouts!

If you need to access your old account details from the old site – you can login here.

When using an existing cart system we’re a bit limited in what we can do website-design-wise.  Which is why you’ll notice the CPS and OS sites look much the same, but different colours 😀  But I think this new site layout should make things a lot easier to look around and I hope you like it!

Because of the structure of this new system, I’ve moved all the bellydance related products to a separate site, so that those products are better separated from the rest of the pad-type things I have here.

Likewise with my new little jewellery store, Amaranthine – which is for jewellery and goodies for ladies of the Red Hat Society  – which you should look into if you’re after a fun social club aimed at growing old disgracefully!!!  If you’re in Victoria (Australia), there is the Red Hats Victoria website {which I also run, because clearly I’m not busy enough as it is lol} – so check us out!