Suedecloth Leakguards


These are designed to give added leak protection in non-waterproofed pads or in pocket pads. The winged shape means that you are protected even into the wing area of the pad.  

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They can be used as:

Pocket Insert – These can be placed inside the non-waterproofed pocket pads to give the option of waterproofing and leak protection through the wing. Place the regular pocket inserts in first, then place this winged insert with the PUL side facing the opening of the pad.

Leak Guard for Pads – These can also be used to provide waterproofing for non-Waterproofed pads. Place this winged leak guard, PUL side down, in your underpants, then snap the pad ontop.

Suedecloth & PUL – 20cm long, 10cm wide, 24cm long, 11.5cm wide. 30cm long, 11.5cm wide.