Timey Wimey Badges


These are handmade (3cm) badges/buttons inspired by the TV Show “Doctor Who”  This listing is for purchasing a single badge of your choosing for $2 each.  These badges are also available in a set of 3 (of your choice) for $5.

Check the sample images below for the names of each design.

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Product Description

Gallifreyan Writing – These translate as:
Female Doctor 13 Still Not Ginger | Jodie Whittaker Is The Doctor | Spoilers

Gallifreyan Writing – These translate as:
TimeAndRelativeDimensionInSpace | WibblyWobblyTimeyWimey | BadWolf

Script – Bad Wolf | Script – Hello Sweetie | Script – Wibbly Wobbly

Wibbly Wobbly | DrWords | The Doctors #1

The Drs #2 | Tardis Words #1 | Tardis Drs (Horizontal/Both)

Tardis Words #1 | Tardis Timey Wimey | TardisDrWho

(These are handmade fan created content and are not official)