Red Mehendi *Second*

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Size: “Lamba” (Approx 26cm Long, 6cm Crotch)
Absorbency: Light
Waterproofing: NONE

Top (skin side): Flannelette (100% cotton)
Core: 1 layer bamboo fleece, 1 layer flannelette
Backing: Red Cotton (100% cotton)

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** Seconds**  This is a seconds pad because I accidentally sewed the red pinwale cord backing upside down!  doh!!!  So instead of the ridges being visible, the backing is basically a flat cotton.  This means the pad has slightly less grip than it would have otherwise.

This pantyliner is wingless – instead of having wings to snap around your underpants, the curved shape and the snugness of your underpants should keep it in place.  (Just be careful the pad doesn’t fall out as you take your underpants down to go to the toilet!).  Some people like to wear wingless pads while horse/bike riding and other such times where the wings can feel uncomfortable.

This is part of the “Arabian Nights” range of cloth pads. The “Lamba” size means “lamp”. These pads have pointed ends, which means the usable length of the pad is about 23cm, and is closest in size to my “nymph” length pads.