Made to order Face Mask (Basic – Random Fabric)


1 basic (no wire) reusable cloth facemask in a RANDOM fabric.

I’ll choose the fabric at random from your choice of unisex or feminine prints. If you want a choice of fabric, see my “Fabric choice masks” listing.

~ Made to order ~
It will be about week before your order will be posted

~ Since I’m limited in how many 1 person can sew, please limit your purchase to only what you NEED so I can get as many masks out to people who need them as possible! ~ 

These face masks are made from 3 layers (Printed cotton or poly-cotton outer with 2 layers plain cotton inner) with a drawstring slider head tie, designed to be comfortable and easy to use.  You can adjust the slider bead to get a custom fit on your head.



Medium (female) size is approx:
12cm from bridge of nose to edge of mask
16cm from bridge of nose to under chin
8cm wide at edge of mask

Large (Male) size is approx:
14cm from bridge of nose to edge of mask
21cm from bridge of nose to under chin
8cm wide at edge of mask

Masks shown in the photos are an example only and include some of the fabrics your mask may come in.  The one modeled on my 17 year old (with awesome iso-hair 😉 ) is the medium with no nose wire – to give you an example of how they fit on your face.  The nose wire will bring the nose section in closer, but the fit should be pretty good without it.

Why are these masks cheaper? you may be wondering.
There’s no difference in the materials/layers in these masks compared to the ones in the choose your fabric listing.  The difference is just that:
#1 – I want to put masks on faces (especially reusable ones) and I don’t want cost to be a barrier for people
#2 – They have no nose wire, which takes more time to do (which increases the price) and
#3 – By offering you no choice in fabric I can cut out a stack of mask pieces together and even have some already sewn up (or half sewn up) to save me time.  So you’ll get whatever I already have made up/cut out.

The other listings are charging what is reasonable given the cost of materials and time – In giving people a choice in fabric it means I have to get each of the fabrics out, iron them, cut the pieces and sew them up.  Which all takes extra time (it takes about 20 mins to make a mask with nose wire if the pieces aren’t precut!).  I don’t want to waste all my fabric by precutting it all, so I only do that with the fabrics I’ll use for these budget masks.

Disclaimer – I cannot guarantee fit nor effectiveness.  These masks will not protect you against covid-19, nor will they protect others from catching it from you.  You must still practice social distancing, wash your hands and stay home where possible!

Please note: this basic face mask does not include a filter pocket opening (the image of the inside of the mask shows the pocket version).