Face Mask – Brocade

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1 reusable cloth face mask with nose wire.

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This face mask is made from 3 layers (Brocade outer with 2 layers plain cotton inner).  Drawstring slider head tie designed to be comfortable and easy to use.  You can adjust the slider bead to get a custom fit on your head.  No pressure behind the ears, and easily adjustable.  Also allows you to loosen the top and let the mask hang at your neck while not in use. The bead slider should stay put until you slide it, but the strings are long enough for you to tie a bow/knot as well if you wish.

— This is a “seconds” mask.  The brocade was difficult to sew with, so it’s not as neatly sewn as it should be.  I also made a mistake with the filter pocket, so the pocket doesn’t work (it’s sewn together in the centre seam, so it doesn’t go all the way through)  That won’t affect the performance of the mask if you weren’t planning on using the filter pocket to put extra filter layers into – it just means it’s not a pocket mask even though it looks like it has a pocket  (Although you could put extra filters in each side if you wanted, but there would obviously be no filter through the centre)

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Medium (female) size – approx:
12cm from bridge of nose to edge of mask
16cm from bridge of nose to under chin
8cm wide at edge of mask

This listing is for the mask shown in the main listing image.  Other masks shown in the photos are examples only, to show construction and fit – these example pictures are also the “medium” size without nose wire.  The nose wire gives a better fit around the nose.  The mannequin head is a little smaller than a normal head, so the fit on the mannequin isn’t as good as it is on a real person.

Disclaimer – I cannot guarantee fit nor effectiveness.  These masks will not protect you against covid-19, nor will they protect others from catching it from you.  You must still practice social distancing, wash your hands and stay home where possible!