Cycle Bracelet – Pink


This Cycle Charting Bracelet can help you to track your menstrual cycle and fertility, or can be used as a pretty piece of jewellery. Handmade using glass and metal beads, on an adjustable wire and cord bracelet.

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The idea behind the cycle charting bracelet is that it uses a specific combination of beads, to show the days of the cycle and the typical high and low fertility days. Some use this method of charting to work out the days where pregnancy is most likely to occur (when trying to conceive or when trying to avoid it), or to show the most fertile time of the cycle. It can also be useful to show you when your period is due or as a representation and reminder of a menstrual cycle.

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The bracelet charting system starts with one larger red bead to mark the start of your period (the first bleeding day).

Then there are 6 beads to mark the low fertile days. These are days were you are unlikely to fall pregnant. They are also the days you are menstruating, although some will bleed for less than 6 days, and some may bleed for longer.

Then 12  beads mark the high fertile days of the cycle (The time you are most likely to get pregnant). Ovulation typically occurs on day 14 of a 28 day cycle, however this can occur anywhere between days 10 and 19, as some cycles are longer or shorter than 28 days, and ovulation may not occur at exactly the same time each month. So you should ovulate somewhere in the middle of this sequence of beads.

The remaining 13 beads mark the low fertile days again. A feature bead marks day 26, your period should start after this bead.

The removable charm is moved across each day to show where in the cycle you are (The charm sits after the bead of the day you are on.)

To use this fertility charting method your cycle needs to be 26-32 days long. If your cycle is shorter than 26 days (your period comes before the feature “day 26” bead), or your cycle is longer than 32 days (your period does not start the day after you have reached the final charting bead) – then this system may not work for tracking fertility for you as the sequence of beads may not reflect what is happening in your cycle.

The sections on these cycle charting beads serves only as a guide to possible fertile and non-fertile days based on the average 28 day cycle, and should not be considered to be completely accurate for judging fertility, and should not be used as a method of contraception. These charting products should not be used to replace contraceptives, as they cannot be guaranteed to be accurate. It is intended to represent the “average” cycle, and “possible” times of fertility, and to be used only as an item for visually representing an “average” 28 day cycle. Using these to help prevent or achieve pregnancy is not recommended, and done so at your own risk. Obsidian Star takes no responsibility for issues resulting in the use of this product. Please make sure you have read through the instructions and disclaimer for this product before purchasing

Adjustable cord slider lets you adjust the fit of this bracelet.  To care for your charting bracelet, you should gently wipe with a damp cloth if needed. Wearing in shower/water etc. is not recommended.