Combining orders


There is nothing worse than buying something and then shortly afterwards finding the store has added something new that you like better!

So when I have an advertised future stocking date, use this product to let me know you want to have your order held until the next stocking, so that you can combine (post together) orders if you would like to see if there is something in the next stocking you would like as well/instead.

~ Conditions apply! ~
(See below)


To hold an order to wait for the next stocking:
If you want to take advantage of this.  On your first order, add this product to your cart to let me know that you would like to have your order held while you wait for the next stocking.  Then complete the checkout and make payment for your first order.

I’ll email you when the next stocking is live so that you can browse the new items.

When you place your second order, use the coupon code “COMBINE” at the checkout to remove the shipping cost on that second order.  If you aren’t making any changes to your first order, then both orders will be shipped to you in the one package to save you postage costs.

The shopping cart software I use doesn’t hold products in an order unless the order has been paid for.  So to avoid another customer purchasing items you want, I would advise you to complete the checkout and make payment for your order so that your chosen products are reserved for you.  I will refund any over-payment if you change your order.

If payment hasn’t been made on your order and another customer purchases the same item and makes payment, the item will be sent to that customer who made payment first.

Changes to your first order:
If you want to remove something from your first order you will need to email me to let me know what you would like to change as soon as you place your second order.  To make sure I don’t ship both orders as they are in the system.

Because I can’t edit orders in the system to change what products are included – what I will do (depending on how many items are being removed) is either make a note on the order that items have been removed and refund you any amount you’ve overpaid, or refund and cancel both orders and create a new order for you in the system with all the items you are ordering all together in the one order.  I will do whichever I believe will work best for our records of the sale.   (I will explain whatever I’m doing for you, so that you know).

You will have 2 days to make payment on the order before all stock will be returned to the store, to keep it fair on other customers.


  • Only orders that have had this product added will be eligible for holding, unless otherwise agreed upon via email (this is so that there is a clear record of the request to hold, and it’s made before I’ve actually shipped your order) – If this product hasn’t been added to your order, I cannot guarantee that I will hold your order if I didn’t know you wanted this service when I pack and ship orders.
  • Orders will be held for a maximum of 2 weeks only.  If the order has not been paid by this time it will be cancelled.  If your order has been paid for it will be shipped to you as it was when you ordered it.
  • This offer to hold orders is limited to only 1 initial order and 1 second order only.  It cannot be used as a way to hold products over several orders or as a way to “layby” items.
  • Obsidian Star reserves the right to refuse to hold an order or combine shipping on orders if it is believed that this system is being abused as a way to hold items.
  • Obsidian Star reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time.