38cm (Hw) Sherpa Paisley


Reusable cloth pad, ideal for Heavy menstrual flow, Night time use, Post Partum or incontinence.

Size: “Goddess” = Approx 38cm Long, 11.5cm front, 15cm back
Snapped Width: Approx 7cm    (Size 20 snaps)
Absorbency: Heavy
Waterproofing: PUL

Top (skin side): Lavender Sherpa (80% cotton/20% poly)
Core: 3 layers Bamboo/Hemp fleece (70% Bamboo, 30% Hemp), 1 layer flannelette (100% cotton)
Waterproofing: PUL
Backing: Paisley Cotton Print (100% cotton)

As sherpa is an absorbent fabric, this pad will be more absorbent than the heavy pads made with flannelette or cotton tops.  Sherpa can also be good for a “gushy” flow, as the texture helps to absorb the flow quickly.

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