33cm post partum Ai2 set


Post Partum Pad set with boosters that can be used as nappy boosters when the pad is no longer needed

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Size: “Priestess” (Approx 33cm long, 11cm-14cm ends, 7cm crotch)
Absorbency: Heavy/Post Partum

This set consists of a base pad made from a top layer of suedecloth (100% polyester), a hidden layer of PUL waterproofing and a cotton backing.  Absorbent inserts are placed onto this base to make the pad.  The set includes 2 bamboo fleece trifold inserts, each is equal to a heavy absorbency and features a flip-over section of suedecloth.  You can choose to use the suedecloth or bamboo side against the skin.  Additional boosters (or folded facewashers) can be placed into the booster for added absorbency.

The boosters can be used together for heavy post partum bleeding or can be used one at a time and changed more often.  They also can be used as nappy boosters for bub when you no longer need them as pads.  They can also be used for overnight or heavy days.