33cm Pinup Witch

Size: “Priestess” (Approx 33cm long, 11cm-14cm ends, 7cm crotch)
Absorbency: Regular to heavy

Top (skin side): Witch print cotton
Core: 2 layer bamboo/hemp fleece, 1 layer flannelette
Waterproofing: PUL
BackingCotton Print

~ Note ~
I ran out of the brand labels to attach to the back of these pads.  This label normally lets you know which way up the pad goes, as well as the absorbency (“R”) and that it has PUL in it (dark purple star).  But I still have labels for Regular pads without PUL (light purple star), “Heavy” absorbency labels, as well as labels with no writing in the star.  So I’m giving the option of which label you would prefer on the pad.

  • “Plain Star” – this lets you know the pad has PUL and which way up to wear it
  • “H” – Since this pad is a larger size, and therefore suitable for regular to heavy flow, I could use a “heavy” label on it.
  • “Coloured-in” – I can use a purple permanent marker to colour in the lighter purple star labels to make it dark purple – however the black “R” letter is harder to see on the dark purple star.

This is an example of the plain star, “H” and coloured-in labels:

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.