Foldup pad – Stars


Foldup pad – This pad features a winged pad section with an attached “trifold”. This trifold section goes against your underpants and is folded into thirds to form the absorbency of the pad. Unfolds for quicker washing/drying. You can also add an additional booster between the folded layers to increase absorbency if needed.

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Size: “Maiden” (Approx 27.5cm Long, 7cm snapped width)
Absorbency: Regular
Waterproofing: None

Flannelette – 9 layers total (100% cotton)

You will receive the stars print pad.  Heart print pad shown here to demonstrate the trifold section.

(Normally my foldup pads are reversible, but I have added the brand label to the wing of this pad which means you may feel the label if you wear it reversed – Oops!  – In future I will sew the brand label onto the inside of the foldup section to make sure they are reversible!)