25cm Wingless


25.5cm, Regular Absorbency Wingless Pad with PUL.

This style of wingless is good for those who experience gender dysphoria as they look less like a typical pad.  They can also be used inside boxer short style briefs.  Wingless – these do not have wings to snap around your underpants, they rely on snug fitting underpants (preferably cotton) to stay in place, with the corduroy backing helping to lessen slippage.

Length Approx 25.5cm Long
Width: 6cm -9cm
Absorbency: Regular

Top (Skin side): Grey Cotton Jersey (100% cotton)
Core: 2 layer bamboo/hemp fleece, 1 layer flannelette
Waterproofing: PUL
Backing: Black pinwale cord

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