25cm – Ai2 Pink Zebra


Size: “Neophyte” (Approx 25.5cm Long, 10.5cm ends, 7cm Crotch)
Absorbency: Adjustable – light to regular

Base: Black Suedecloth + Cotton, with PUL
Inserts: 1 layer hemp fleece, 2 layer flannelette

Ai2 (Base & Insert) pads feature a set of removable inserts that are held in place on the base pad with ribbon straps.  Allowing you to adjust the absorbency of the pad and also effectively giving you 4 pads in 1!

Use 1 insert at a time for light to regular flow, or use 2 inserts together for regular flow.  Base can be left on and inserts changed when soiled.  Once all inserts are used, wash the entire pad (base & inserts)

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