22cm Ai2 Set


Waterproofed “Ai2” style reusable cloth pad.  This style of pad is designed so that you can change the absorbent inserts while leaving the base pad on.  Set of 1 base pad with 4 flannelette inserts.

Effectively like having 4 pads in 1!

Set comes with:
1 waterproofed base pad (no absorbency)
2 x Vader with orange patterns / Black flannelette inserts
1 x Blue Star Wars / Grey Star Wars flannelette insert
1 x Teal Star Wars / Grey Star Wars flannelette insert

Choose to wear the inserts either way up.

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Size: “Nymph” (Approx 22.5cm long, 10cm ends, 6cm crotch)
Base Pad Fabric = Cotton with hidden PUL.
Inserts = 2 layers Flannelette each
Absorbency: Adjustable Light to Heavy
Waterproofing: PUL

Ai2 Or Base&Insert pads feature a waterproofed base pad that has no absorbency itself, with removable inserts that sit on top and can be replaced as needed.  Use 1 trifold insert for a regular flow or 2 inserts together for a heavy flow.

Each insert is made from 2 layers of flannelette that is folded in 3rds to make a total of 6 layers (“regular” absorbency).  Choose to wear the inserts either side up.  Pad comes with 4 inserts.

This style of pad essentially gives you 4 pads in one, and reduces the environmental impact by having only the base with synthetic waterproofing materials, with the inserts made only from natural fabrics. The trifold inserts are also quick drying.   You may even be able to substitute a folded facewasher or other absorbent item for additional inserts if you wish.