Hair Falls

Hairfalls are a hair accessory that you simply fit over a ponytail or bun, that gives you a dramatic hairstyle change in minutes! Hair Falls are also known as “Dread Falls” because they resemble dreadlocks – but without the effort! Hair Falls can be worn as a single “Ponytail” or as a pair of “Pigtails”, or can be used with haircombs to make a “wig” like effect.

Image 1 – drape over opposite side and secure elastic around bun | Image 2 – flip hairfall over bun | image 3 – optional – take a few strands from back to front to look nice.

To wear the hairfalls simply put your hair up into a ponytail/pigtail/bun.  Drape the hairfall over the opposite side of your head and put the elastic around your bun/ponytail (image 1), then flip the hairfalls over to cover the bun/ponytail (image 2).  You may like to use some bobbypins or hair pins to keep the yarn strands in place covering your buns/ponytail.  You can also take a few strands of yarn from the back and bring them up over the top and then down, to disguise the edge a little and give a nicer finish (image 3)


Wearing the hairfalls on a bun will give a higher “poofier” look.  Wearing them on a ponytail gives a flatter look.  You can also wear them on a haircomb for a flatter look by threading the elastic through a haircomb, and using the haircomb in your hair.  You may need to experiment with the best way to do this for your hairtype and the type of activity you’ll be doing.

Thread the elastic onto the haircomb, hook one section of the yarn side onto the comb to get rid of the gap, slide the comb into your hair with the hairfall on the opposite side, then flip the hairfall over to cover the comb

This haircomb method also works for the bun/ponytail as well (and is how I personally wear mine, as I find it quicker and easier to use) – to do this, instead of wrapping the elastic around the bun/ponytail, slide the haircomb under the bun/ponytail instead.

Obsidian Star yarn hairfalls are made from a mixture of acrylic and wool yarns, individually knotted around a thick elastic band. This knotting method secures the yarn to the elastic and also provides a wider section of yarn covered elastic, to give a more even coverage over your hair. The elastics used are metal-free “ouchless” elastic bands.

Washing and care instructions
These hairfalls are made from a mixture of acrylic and wool yarn. Most of the yarns are about 50% acrylic and 50% wool, but some colours are 100% acrylic, some have a higher percentage of wool. I even use some bamboo yarns in the hairfalls. They should only be washed if absolutely necessary – it is best to hang them up so they can air out between uses. If washing is needed, very gently hand wash them in a warm water with just a tiny bit of soap/detergent. Hang in the shade to fully dry. Do not wring or rub them or allow them to become tangled or felted while washing.

As you wear the hairfalls, you may notice some of the strands become stuck together. Each time you wear your falls, go through and carefully separate each strand and gently remove any fluff. This will keep them looking better for longer and minimise tangles. Do not brush or style the hairfalls. Do not use a hairdryer, straightener or other heating/styling device. Do not use hairspray on the hairfalls.