Due to the Covid-19 recommendations for people to stay home as much as possible – and the fact I have a heart condition that puts me in a higher risk group – orders will be posted out once a week to limit the amount of times we are leaving the home.

I’ll try and do this on Wednesdays, as that’s a mid week and will hopefully make most orders only a few days delayed, but I may wait until later in the week when I have more orders to post.  Please be patient with any delays on your orders, so that we can all be safe.  Australia Post shipping times will also be a little longer than usual at this time.

In addition, I admit that while being in lockdown gives me more time at home I could be using to sew….. The stress of Covid, a teenager trying to do VCE at home (we’ve also had a family member pass away, a cat we thought we’d have to put down – and we only moved house a year ago – so I’ve now been in it longer than out of it!) and not being able to leave the house (going on 8 months now!) has left me struggling to find the motivation to sew pads.  I’ve also run out of the flannelette I use as the stabilising core layer, and my local spotlight is outside of the 5kms radius I’m allowed to travel in (if I’d wanted to), so I can’t go out to get more…. So I’m doing ok – no need to worry 😀  But I’m trying not to put extra pressure on at the moment.

I hope everyone stays safe and we’ll all get through this together!