Due to Covid-19 and the fact I have a heart condition that puts me in a higher risk group – orders will be posted out once or twice a week to limit the amount of times we are leaving the home.

Please be patient with any delays on your orders, so that we can all be safe.  Australia Post shipping times will also be a little longer than usual at this time.

In addition, I admit that while being in lockdown gives me more time at home I could be using to sew….. The stress of Covid, a teenager trying to do VCE at home (we’ve also had a family member pass away, an ill cat we thought we’d have to put down, Hubby’s job is uncertain thanks to covid – and we only moved house a year ago – so I’ve now been in it longer than out of it!) has left me struggling to find the motivation to sew pads.  I’ve also run out of the flannelette I use as the stabilising core layer …. So I’m doing ok – no need to worry 😀  But I’m trying not to put extra pressure/stress on myself at the moment – which means not sewing new pads.

I hope everyone stays safe and we’ll all get through this together!